jordan castro's book YOUNG AMERICANS was recently released.  

also my bandmate kelly schirmann ('sherm') is selling prints of her art.  they're really nice. 
we're working on the 'king cobra ep' and it sounds really nice so far. kelly is really talented.  

shortsleeve wintercoat

frozen to death in a chicago apartment.

also, you wanted it, so here it is, my top three ALT LIT pets that i've met so far.

3. Finnegan (elizabeth ellen's cat)

this lil feisty fellow won my heart right away.  he crept out from around the corner and headbutted me and it was love at first sight.  i feel as though Finnegan is a 'silly ass ho' and i love him for it. honestly believe that me and him are brothers somehow.  much luh to Finnegan.  

2.  Amelia (cassandra nguyen's dog)

i dare you to look into those soulful little eyes and not melt. this lil black beauty has nice floppy ears that scream "twist me" but her sass and hard-ass chi-town attitude make you think "i'd better not." i could barely resist picking her up and kissing her head/face until she bit me.

1.  andrew weatherhead's dog (can't remember his name).  whoa, look out.  i'm in andrew's kitchen late one winter night with young jordan castro and we're eating pretzels and from out of the shadows come this pudgy lil darling.  i remember him waddling into the kitchen with his head down, eyes up looking at us like, "yeah so what" doing nervous lip-licking.  i started laughing and then andrew and jordan started laughing and it was good.     

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